Hastings Athletic Club wishes to encourage as wider participation in athletics as possible. The club would not want anybody suffering significant financial hardship to be prevented from participation in the sport. To this end a hardship fund has been established in order to cover the costs, including such items as membership, track and match fees for anybody in such a position. The fund can be accessed by approaching the membership secretary with evidence of the financial hardship being suffered. This will then be taken to the hardship sub-committee (comprised of three committee members) where eligibility will be judged. In the event of a split decision a majority vote will apply. Each application will be judged on its own individual merits and in confidence. The findings of the committee will be final with no right of appeal. In situations of ongoing hardship, successful applications will apply for the period of April to March, when a new application will need to be made or when the hardship has ceased, whichever is sooner

Our child protection policy is available for download

If you have any concerns, please contact our child protection officer by emailing